Hunt the Hare is a modern Celtic group on a musical adventure and they would like to invite you along for the ride. Like the story told in The Rocky Road to Dublin, the song from which the band takes its name, it promises to be a moving and melodic journey.

Jonathan Berlingeri, Frank Callaghan, Kane Miller, and Brendan Quigley each bring different life experiences to the group, and they have come together to share their musical gifts in a high energy Celtic quartet that will keep your toes tapping all night.

With a variety of instruments including fiddle, bagpipes, guitar, and percussion, they play traditional Irish tunes, and a few modern hits, creating a contagious mix of music. From the first note to the last chord, Hunt the Hare creates a joyful noise that you don’t want to miss.

Upcoming Shows

The Loon with The Kid

June 30th @ 7:30pm Lakefield Ontario

Upcoming Show To Be Announced!

September 10th 2022

Past Shows
1March 17th 2022The Loon Lakefield Ontario
2August 21st, 2021Providence Bay Fair
3August 7th, 2021The Pie Eyed Monk
4February 28th 2020Hunt the Hare Celtic Beach Party
5June 7th 2019 The Canoe & Paddle in Lakefield
6May 25th 2019 Lakefield College School Regatta Day
7May 5th 2019 House Concert in Lakefield (Private Event)
8February 26th 2019 Dairy Farmers AGM
9February 16th 2019 Hunt the Hare CD RELEASE CONCERT + After Party!
10October 20th 2018 Hunt the Hare & Kawartha Youth Orchestra at Kingfisher Bay Retreat Center
11October 12th 2018 The Canoe & Paddle 9pm
12October 6th 2018 Norwood Fair 1pm
13July 21st 2018 PTBO Pulse
14July 27st 2018 Live and Local Lunches
15July 27st 2018 Kingfisher Bay Retreat
16June 12th 2018 Canoe & Paddle in Lakefield
17June 2nd 2018 Downtown Douro Dances
18April 21st 2018 Kingfisher Bay Retreat
19 March 17th 2018St. Patrick’s Day 12:00 – 2:00pm – McThirsty’s Pint
20 March 17th 2018St. Patrick’s Day 3:00 – 5:30pm – The Social
21 March 17th 2018St. Patrick’s Day 8:00pm – The Canoe & Paddle
22March 10th 2018 Downeyville Hall with Pint of Blarney
23March 1st 2018 Win This Space Finale
24January 12th 2018 Canoe & Paddle
25September 16th 2017 Music fo Mental Health
26October 6th 2017 Canoe & Paddle
27October 7th 2017 The Norwood Fair
28August 22nd 2017 Trent Alumni Luncheon
29August 22nd 2017 Silver Bean Cafe Peterborough, ON
30August 4th, 2017 Port Milford
31July 15th, 2017 PTBO Pulse
32June 29th, 2017 Dr. J’s Peterborough, ON
33June 18th, 2017 Silver Bean Cafe
34June 2nd, 2017 Canoe and Paddle
35May 14th, 2017 McThirsty’s (Peterborough Live)
36May 13th, 2017 Market Hall (Peterborough Live)
37May 13th, 2017 The Venue (Peterborough Live)
38March 17th, 2017 Canoe and Paddle

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